The 10 best creative ideas of 2016

Last creative review of this year 2016! We could not leave you without offering you the 10 best creative ideas of 2016. So we suggest you to (re) discover the 10 ideas that have generated the most visits to Creapills this year.

Let's go for the best of 2016!

A shop where everything is free opens in Paris

In Paris, the startup Les Tontons Livreurs specializes in organizing removals. She had the idea, the time of a creative operation, to open a store where everything is free ... under one condition!
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A creative bike helmet that turns you into a Playmobil figurine

Your childhood was rocked by LEGO and Playmobil? In Denmark, the agency MOEF imagined a bike helmet surprising that imitates the hair of a Playmobil.
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30 words transformed into explicit logos

Ji Lee is an artist specializing in typography. The latter enjoys transforming everyday words into explicit logos that identify themselves at first glance.
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If Game of Thrones characters were big brand slogans

Winter is coming! What if the Game of Thrones characters were associated with brands? We propose to (re) discover a very personal work that associates each character of the series with a brand slogan.
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A shocking and polemical advertisement for the Barcelona Eroticism Fair

In Spain, the Barcelona Eroticism Fair made its ad this year with a shocking and polemical commercial that denounces hypocrisy.
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This moving animation video illustrates human cruelty to animals

In the United States, the Wildlife Conservation Film Festival (WCFF) has released a moving musical comedy that denounces human cruelty to different animal species.
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False testicles to decompress in the fall

Do you have too much pressure at work or at school? In Argentina, the agency Imaginarte has designed fake testicles to stick under your desk to decompress when you need it.
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10 brand logos that have suffered the effects of their own products

Marco Schembri is an Italian designer who has embarked on a fun creative project. The principle: update the logos of major brands by subjecting them to the effect of their own products.
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Marc Dorcel offers his films in unlimited if you call yourself Marc on Facebook

And if you could access unlimited catalog Marc Dorcel? The famous pornographic production company has launched an operation that offers you this access ... if you call yourself Marc on Facebook!
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When the CMs of SNCF and SFR are lodged on Twitter

Being CM is a job that requires a good dose of sharing and creativity. The proof with this very inspired exchange between the CM of SFR and the SNCF on Twitter.
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