10 tips to create a blog and make it known

Do you like writing, producing content around your passion, and dreaming of starting your own blog? We suggest you discover here some tips to help you launch your media, and especially to grow and become influential. Writing is good, but it's even better if there are people to read you, right?

You can imagine: there are many blogs on the web. But finally, how much really stand out? These 10 basic tips will help you to stand out to make known your contents, your passions ... and finally make you known.

Create a niche blog

Specialization is the key

Rule number 1: specialize. It does not help to write a blog that looks like everyone else. You have to specialize in a specific niche and know how to stand out, be it in the background, the form or both.

Your blog can talk about a specific subject (for example, only dealing with street marketing operations or only packaging), or present a different and striking design and storytelling.

Build a consistent editorial line

A clear and precise editorial line

This is one of the keys to success in creating retention in the reader. The blog must adopt a coherent and consistent editorial line. You must know your favorite subjects, and avoid going to far too different subjects.

People like blogs that know how to maintain consistency and are well organized. It's also a way to create an identity and to make an impression.

Focus on quality, not money

Quality First !

Creating a blog to make money is the worst idea in the world. Monetization should not be your primary motivation for creating a blog, at least in the first place.

Focus on the quality and relevance of your content. If they are up to the expectations of your readers, your blog will grow and you may be able to consider, in a while, to monetize.

Work on SEO and keywords

SEO should not be neglected

Making articles that are worked and relevant is good. But there is also an aspect not to be ignored: SEO. You also need to think about your content by optimizing them for SEO. It will help your blog to stand out more easily in Google searches, and its visibility will be increased.

Remember to use the right keywords related to your visitors and your specialization, work on your titles and your URLs. SEO is a long and tedious job, but it ends up paying over time if it is not neglected.

Develop a real strategy on social networks

Social networks must be thought of as separate media

It is impossible to miss today social networks. If natural referencing via SEO is important, social networks are also one (if not "the") major levers to make your blog known. Expand your social media presence, stay abreast of current trends and networks.

Finally, last but not least: consider creating specific content for each network (catchy videos for Facebook, beautiful images for Instagram ...). You content social networks to relay your content is not enough. The message must be adapted and worked on according to each network to maximize the audience.

Impose as a real expert

Become an expert on your subject

Do you have a perfect command of your subject? Say it. Your articles should reflect your passion and knowledge of the specialization of your choice. You need to show your readers that you know what to talk about by providing relevant and quality content.

Pay attention to the authenticity of your information. Internet users are uncompromising and will not miss you in case of " fail ". On the other hand, if you manage to impose yourself as a real expert, it's one more credit for your blog.

Show yourself close to your community

Work in your community

The more your blog gets bigger, the more you will succeed in uniting a community and attract new readers who will follow you on a daily basis. These readers are important, and should not be overlooked.

Take the time to interact with your community, respond to their comments and especially to prove to them that you are able to accept their comments to evolve your blog. Your blog is nothing without the community it federates, do not forget it.

Give your blog time and be patient

Patience is the key to success

Rome was not made in a day. Your blog either. It is important to give your blog time to grow, start to federate a real community on social networks and optimize your SEO. Serious work and regular publications are required to federate a regular and faithful audience.

We must also accept to take time to make your blog bigger. Do not expect to have 1 million monthly visitors and 3 million fans on your Facebook page after two months. It's all about work and patience.

Organize IRL events

Nothing beats real encounters

The web is good, but the real life is even better. People who regularly follow your blog also need to put a face on your publications, and for that, nothing beats real encounters.

Remember to participate in events, organize yours to meet your audience. It's also one of the best ways to receive feedback to evolve your media.

Make guest-blogging

Work hand in hand

Finally, here is a step too often neglected, which is still interesting to make you know in your debut. Guest-blogging is a good alternative. Submit content and post for other blogs that have a better audience than yours.

It is a good way to create a link, develop your network and build a true image of an expert on a more value-added media.

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