The 10 creative tweets of the week (n ° 49)

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Let's go !

What I would like to look like and the reality.

- Naïs (@TocTocTocNais) February 25, 2017

Eve vs reality.

Bayrou is getting closer to Macron,
Mélenchon is getting closer to Hamon,
Fillon approaches the examining magistrate.

- Olive M (@marcais_olive) February 24, 2017

uestion of approximation.

Fenelon high school in Paris blocked this morning in support of Theo under the banner "accidental blockade." I find it beautiful, Bravo #justicepourtheo

- A P O C A L Y P S E (@your_good) February 23, 2017

ymbolic and creative this blockade!

A bit easy to attack Macron on his lack of program while he wrote a book to talk about it. Let's see the summary ... #macron

- Gad (@GadUltimex) February 22, 2017

unchline of the week!

So against all odds, #Bayrou offers an alliance to # Macron ... #CroisonsLes! 😉

- GuillaumeTC (@GuillaumeTC) February 22, 2017

acron x Bayrou

Since I stopped drinking I hear people tell me about their lives.
It's horrible.

- Bandinito (@Il_Bandini) February 22, 2017

e return of the stick.

Contextual advertising.

- Professor Bang (@ProfessorBang) February 21, 2017

is called contextual advertising!

The # SIA2017 presents Penelope, a beautiful Charolais who is not fictional.

- Agricultural Show (@SalonAgricole) February 25, 2017

Enelope cow version ... and honest!

When you're two fingers to find love

- LaurentLC (@laurentLC) February 26, 2017

Speak, we are almost there.

I eat pancakes in Brittany at my grandmother Brittany and she calls it GAUFFRES I do not believe in anything anymore

- Ⓣɧőő რɑ ś [̅ ¢ (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((