She reproduces music from Star Wars with the simple sound of her pencil

What fascinates us in creativity is the faculty of creatives to be able to renew themselves and propose more and more ideas strange, funny Or simply great. The one we are going to present to you is totally offbeat but absolutely perfect in his rendering.

The user Dani Ochoa is probably a fan of Star Wars, or at least she likes the music of the saga. Do not ask us why but one day she said to herself: "I'm going to replicate the famous themes by writing on a sheet with a pencil. So, she tackled Cantina, a music played in episode IV in a bar frequented by thugs from all over the galaxy, and the very famous Imperial March that we no longer present.

Writing hazardous mathematical formulas on a sheet of paper, she reproduced the rhythm of these 2 music for a few seconds and you will probably smile at the performance. In any case, the internet has become a fan: in 2 days his first video (Cantina) exceeded 1.9 million views bringing it into the Top 20 trends Youtube.

We let you discover all this below and we put you the original music for all those who are not necessarily familiar with the universe Star Wars. Oh yes ... for a better experience increase the volume ! Finally, if you like crazy and satisfying musical creations, we advise you this other idea a user who synchronizes the game to perfection Line Rider with a great musical classic.

Cantina - Original Music

Cantina - With a pencil

Imperial March - Original Music

Imperial March - With a pencil

Imagined by: Dani Ochoa

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