This artist turns her face and hands into ultra-realistic foods

Mimi Choi is an amazing artist. We talked about it a few weeks ago through its scary makeup in the form of optical illusions. Followed by nearly 500,000 people, his Instagram account continues to be fed daily and his latest creations have caught our attention.

His idea ? Use her makeup skills to transform her face and hands ... into ultra-realistic foods! From her head, she makes it a burger or a pizza. When in his hands, they become fries, a hot dog or a dish including egg sausages who would almost want to be tasted if it was not his body!

Very successful illusions that once again underline the singularity from this Canadian artist who has not stopped surprising us. To see more of his creations, you can consult his Instagram account. And enjoy your meal !


Credits : Mimi Choi

Credits : Mimi Choi


Credits : Mimi Choi

Hot Dog

Credits : Mimi Choi

Egg and sausages

Credits : Mimi Choi

Imagined by:Mimi Choi

Video: How Facial Prosthetics Bring Art And Design Together (December 2019).