This veterinary clinic recruits a cat cudler on CDI

If you like cats, then you will fall in love with job offer from the clinic Just Catsin Ireland. This establishment, specialized for cats, launched the May 24, 2017 an ad to find ... a cuddler of cats. Posted on the Irish and on Facebook, the advertisement does not mention a necessary diploma or particular course, but only 4 questions :

  • Are you naturally attracted to cats?
  • Do you count the kittens before falling asleep?
  • Will you feed the cats in your neighborhood?
  • Does stroking a cat put you in a state of well being?

If you respond positively to these 4 questions, then you can apply for this CDI "Cat caresser“.

Behind this serious announcement, lies above all a beautiful communication operation for this veterinary practice that received thousands of applications in a few hours. More than 42,000 people have viewed the announcement on the and many millions have seen information on various media. Like what, sometimes you do not have to go far to get your ad!

Imagined by: Just Cats

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