These pencils make a rainbow appear when you prune them

Want to put some of colors in your life ? With the cold days slowly settling into our daily lives, it is more important than ever to find ways to brighten our lives. And we found a creative and simple way to contribute.

the United Kingdom, the designer Duncan Shotton imagined the Rainbow Pencils, simple pencils in appearance that have the distinction of showing a Rainbow when you size them. When you sharpen one of these pencils, the resulting "peel" brings out the prism of the colors of theRainbow.

Pencils in the colors of the rainbow 🌈

A stupid idea in appearance that was still worth Duncan Shotton to make a successful campaign Kickstarter. And today, he sells his colored pencils directly on his shop with packs available from 6 books.

For the anecdote, the pencils "Rainbow" were designed from layers of recycled paper. So, you work on the planet while pleasing your eyes, what more? Meeting on Amazon to get them!

Credits: Duncan Shotton

Credits: Duncan Shotton

Credits: Duncan Shotton

Credits: Duncan Shotton

Imagined by: Duncan Shotton

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