Beekeepers send letters with dead bees to Emmanuel Macron

If the bee disappeared from the globe, humanity would have only four years to live", These are the words ofAlbert Einstein. Today, bees disappear and the problem does not seem to be taken seriously. Every day in France, 67 million bees die. These little ones pollinating insectsessential to the balance of ecosystems, are threatened by pesticides that we spray in our fields. If the bees disappeared, a multitude of plants could not reproduce anymore and would go out. Their extinction would result in the loss of many animal species which man feeds.

To denounce the inaction of the government, the union of beekeepers of Midi-Pyrenees decided to hit hard on the occasion of the second world day of the bee! May 20, Olivier Fernandez, the president of the union, sent corpses of bees by mail to Emmanuel Macron and some ministers, accompanied by a letter:

If the bees voted, know that your electorate would disappear every 24 hours. The idea is agonizing, right? But do not panic, they do not vote. She does not even fly anymore. No. Their last trip will be done by mail, in a small envelope that will serve as a shroud

Beekeepers sound the alarm and demand, among other things, the end of glyphosate, the destruction of Asian hornet nests, the publication of readable figures of pesticides in France, aid to beekeepers and farmers organic. And no, glyphosate is not yet banned in our country and the government has even allowed its reuse as highlighted by a passage in the letter:

In this context of inaction and excess mortality of bees, you even had the initiative to authorize exemptions to the ban on the use of neonicotinoid insecticides (bee killers), on May 7, on the fig, hazelnut and turnip. So we decided to send you, to each, these dead bees that accumulate every day on our territory. After all, they are no longer our responsibility ...

The beekeepers of Midi-Pyrénées sincerely hope that the government will become aware of the problem and to act thanks to this letter with singular content. Other actors are mobilizing to raise awareness about the importance of bees like the Arbo producer who creates jars of honey for the bees to form beehives or this sheet of paper, created as part of the project Bee Saving Paper, who wants to protect these pollinating insects.

Credits : Yael Benamou / France 3

Credits : Beekeepers Midi-Pyrénées

Imagined by: Union of beekeepers of Midi-Pyrénées (via France 3)

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